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"are a creative digital marketing agency providing to brands the digital life they need. the worlds getting digital and so should your brand. we will imbibe into your brand the digital hues with the maximum visibility, consumer reach out and brand recall."

BrandFold Digital Inc. was founded in 2017; possessing extensive global experience in software development & digital marketing. BrandFold was founded with a vision of bringing advanced digital technologies home when the founders decided to share the wealth of their knowledge & experience to help other small & medium businesses grow digitally and on the internet in order to achieve unforeseen success & ROI by reaching a completely new domain of unexplored audience/customers.

With the increasing mobile, internet penetration and the rise of a tech-savvy generation of consumers, digital media is seen as a potent tool to disseminate information and engage a target audience. Even though digital marketing is still in a nascent stage, both large and small brands are looking to execute digital marketing campaigns with greater intensity. After all, the internet is the biggest disrupter of our age, and there is no reason why digital marketing will not disrupt traditional marketing just as extensively.


Our Office

Our abode of Blue and Yellow with Bean Bags, chairs, computers, laptops, digital messages, and people who think it’s too mainstream to sit straight and work 9-5!

.Our Team

A bunch of crazy enthusiasts experimenting their future in this digital space. We are a team of designers, copywriters, social media analysts and a few techie supports. All well defining their purpose of existence in the place and striving to get crazier by every day. And yes, we hate to give up. We discuss, argue, fight, sit together, party, celebrate and work towards stuff that promises some best results!